Our Team

The ABC Electric Team in Lincoln, NE

Our team understands the value of a proactive approach toward electrical system maintenance. Providing a well-run maintenance program virtually eliminates unexpected outages and failures and ensures a smooth running electrical system. ABC Electric Co can help you maintain an electrical system that functions much more effectively. Contact our team today to learn more about electrical maintenance and repair in Lincoln, NE.

John Whitmer, President     

Contact John at 402-435-3514
Fax: 402-435-6091
Email: johnw@abcelectric.net

Jon Eicher, Project Manager

Contact Jon at 402-435-3514
Fax: 402-435-6091

Brad Wittstruck, Project Manager

Contact Brad at 402-435-3514
Fax: 402-435-6091 

Donald Davids
Safety Facilitator/Project

Contact Don at 402-435-3514
Fax: 402-435-6091
Email: dond@abcelectric.net

Bob Codr, Service Manager

Contact Bob at 402-435-3514
Fax: 402-435-6091
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